Exclusive Shopping Annuity Club Launched!

Imagine yourself making a dollar every time someone places an order for groceries, makes an online booking for a vacation, sends his/her car for servicing, eats at a local restaurant, gets a new hairdo… and the list goes on. How would you life improve with this residual income?

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Calvin Ng, Ex-Regional Sales Director

Global Investments Management

It all started with booking my hotels through Hotels.com for all my overseas business trips. And after starting my membership with this exclusive Shopping Annuity Club for 12 months, I saved over S$300 in my banking account; this is on top of my Hotels.com FREE NIGHTS rewards!

Their incentives model is simply amazing!

Shopping Annuity - Making sense

If you spend money to live, you should have a shopping annuity. As opposed to setting aside your discretionary income every month for a traditional annuity, a shopping annuity is money you already spend that’s converted into an earning.

According to the Department of Statistics Singapore,

An average Singaporean Family makes $111,516 every year

However, it turns out that the average family spends $58,872

That doesn’t leave a lot at the end of the year if you want to do some investing in your future. However, what if instead of looking for extra money to start investing, you can take that already spent money, in this case, $58,872, and use THAT as an investment since you are already spending it regardless?

Shopping Annuity vs Traditional Annuity

So WHat do you Usually Spend on?

Are these brands familiar to you? Do your friends and family members patronise these brands both online and offline?
If so, you are ready to be part of our exclusive Shopping Annuity Club to start saving/earning more income!

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